In case you don't already are an artist.  

I am an artist also. I have actually been a 'professional' artist for 30 years. I handpaint custom murals and I also handpaint furniture and accessories....transforming them into heirloom quality "Objets d'ART"! And I LOVE IT!

My whole adult life, I have been a professional artist. But I have been drawing and painting since I was a child.

I drew my first picture at the age of nursery school....and I remember it vividly.

It was a  portrait of my family....complete with "shading"....using the big, fat,  preschool pencil that I was issued. 


I was self critical of my finished portrait, thinking that --if I had been given a drawing utensil that was smaller than the "graphite-filled baseball bat" I was clenching with my entire hand....I could have gotten better clarity in the detail!

The tools you use for ANY project can make or break the final result...and the instruction you receive....can make or break your creative SPIRIT.   I learned this the hard way.....

The GOOD news is....I am here for YOU now!

If you are interested in creating art...I can help you! 

Throughout my life, I have coaxed the inner artist out of many people who had never even held a paintbrush prior to meeting me.

You are invited to email me anytime, with any questions or requests you may have!

My name is Sandra Dee, and my cell phone number for texting is  818-398-0877.

OR--Email me at:

Please take a peek at my FIRST website dedicated to my work as a Master Muralist & Expert Decorative Designer in Los Angeles at:

I love art. Art has never let me down.

Art has always been a place of tranquility for me.  It "heals" me. Everyday. It can do the same for you.

Art can heal the world if we all participate. 

And that is...a beautiful concept.